Is Spiritfruit gluten-free?

Yes, Spiritfruit is 100% gluten-free! We are not low-gluten or gluten-removed, just plain old gluten-free.

How many calories?

All three flavors of Spiritfruit contain 150 calories per can (12 oz). 110 of those calories come from the Vodka.

How much sugar?

Spiritfruit is made with real juice. We do not use any chemical or artificial sweeteners and we worked hard to limit total sugar without sacrificing taste. Spiritfruit contains nine grams of sugar per can (12 oz). 

Is Spiritfruit low carb?

Spiritfruit has nine grams of carbs per can (12 oz).

What kind of vodka?

Our proprietary corn-based vodka is five times distilled for a super clean taste. It's also gluten free!

How much alcohol?

Spiritfruit comes in at 5.7% abv, about half the amount of alcohol in wine.

Where is Spiritfruit made?

Spiritfruit is made among the rolling hills of Sainte Genevieve County, Missouri by our bottling partner, Crown Valley Distillery. Our business is based just south of Boston in Rockland, Massachusetts.